Debarpita Chaudhury

Debarpita Chaudhury

Degree of Doctor: 
  • Description: 

    Dr.DebarpitaChaudhury joined Disha Eye Hospital, Barrackpore in 2014 as a Consultant in Cataract and Paediatric and Strabismus Services.She is a specialist Paediatric consultant and surgeon having extensive clinical and surgical expertise in the field for more than 9 years.She has attended Calcutta Medical College, University of Calcutta as an undergraduate and received her MBBS.Subsequently, she did his Diploma in Ophthalmology(D.O) from R.I.O Kolkata and then her post graduation (Diplomate of National Board) degree in ophthalmology from the reputed Aravind Eye Hospital located in Tamil Nadu.Following that she did extensive training and Long Term Fellowship in Paediatric and Strabismus under Dr.Meenakshi R at Aravind Eye Hospital.After completion of her fellowship she then joined the Paediatric and Strabismus Department at Aravind Eye Hospital as a Medical Officer and gained valuable experience as a consultant ,surgeon and teacher.

  • Interest / Specialization: 

    Cataract (Adults : Phacoemulsification Surgery and SICS),Paediatric cataract surgery , Pterygium surgery, Squint , Paediatric ophthalmology , Oculoplasty and Neuro-ophthalmology.

  • Education / Training: 

    Fellowship in Paediatric and Strabismus, Aravind Eye Hospital- 2013

    D.N.B., Aravind Eye Hospital- 2012

    D. O., R. I. O., Medical College- 2009

    MBBS, Medical College, Kolkata- 2005

  • Recognition/Awards: 

    1. Silver Medalist, Forensic Medicine- 2003

    2. Has co-authored chapters for 2 text books in Ophthalmology.

    3. Has been  Co-investigator in  National and International Trials.

    4. Has publications in State and National peer reviewed journals.

    5. Presentations in state, national and International conferences like TNOA , AIOC , ASIA –ARVO.

    6. Won the SMT.SOVABATI DAS GHOSH BEST VIDEO AWARD AT THE OSWB Conference for the video titled “ Paediatric Cataract Surgery – In Search of the perfect posterior capsulorhexis”.

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    8. Case report : Amniotic band syndrome : Dr.DebarpitaChaudhury D.O , D.N.B ,Dr.ArijitMitra D.O, D.N.B .Published in the Delhi Ophthalmological Society (DOS) Times Journal, 2015;21 ( 2) : 31-33.

    9. Case Report: LipaemiaRetinalis. Dr.DebarpitaChaudhury, D.O., D.N.B, Dr. R. Meenakshi, D.O., D.N.B., Dr. R. Ramakrishnan D.O, M.S , Dr.ArijitMitra D.O, D.N.B,Dr. S. Raju, D.C.H., M.D. Published in the Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, 2015;26(2):107-110.

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