Why Does Your Eye Hurt When You Blink?

Did you know that on an average you blink 28,800 times a day?  Blinking is an ordinary bodily function that nourishes the eyes and hydrates them with oxygen and other nutrients. You hardly feel anything when you blink. So, you might be wondering if there is something the matter with your eyes when you blink? There are several possible causes for pain when blinking. While some conditions may require medical attention, some may disappear on their own.

We shall discuss some elementary reasons why your eyes could hurt while blinking:

1. Injury: The eyes are very sensitive organs and even small debris or tiny dust particles could get into the eyes and cause injury. Any kind of trauma like overexposure to chemicals, physical injury, or vigorous rubbing of the eyes could also cause pain while blinking. When such a thing happens, it is best to see an eye doctor who may prescribe eye drops to relieve the pain.

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2. Infections: Several infections like conjunctivitis and stye could cause the eyes to swell, resulting in pain when blinking. Stye could also lead to swollen eyelids. Though conjunctivitis is easily treatable, it is quite contagious. Both conjunctivitis and stye clear up in a week or so with no long-term vision damage. Tear duct infection is another reason why your eyes hurt while blinking. It is a condition where your tear ducts are blocked, leaving you with watery and irritated eyes. The corner of the eyes may hurt when you blink. Antibiotic eye drops or ointment can help in treating the infection.

3. Inflammations: There are different kinds of eye inflammation that cause pain while blinking. To name one- blepharitis. It is an eyelid inflammation that usually affects both the eyes. This causes redness and your eyes will hurt when you blink. Eye ulcers also cause eye pain when blinking. Eye ulcers occur when the cornea is inflamed. The inflammation is caused due to an infection or an abrasion.

4. Dry eye syndrome: When you blink, your eyes produce tears that lubricate the eyes. However, in the absence of sufficient lubrication, your eyes are dry and they hurt when you blink. Along with the pain, you may also experience burning sensation and itchiness. Dry eye syndrome is a common eye problem that can be treated with artificial tears. You should also take frequent breaks while working on the computer. Reducing screen time can help you prevent dry eye syndrome.

5. Optic neuritis: The optic nerve is the nerve that connects your eyes to the brain. An eye disease or an infection can cause swelling in the optic nerve, leading to pain when you blink your eyes or move your eyes. It generally affects one eye at a time and can cause temporary loss of vision. Once the inflammation heals, the vision restores to its former health. On the basis of physical examination and symptoms, the doctor could confirm whether you have optic neuritis or not. It’s best to address all signs of eye pain without any delay.

When should you see an eye doctor?

If you are experiencing pain when blinking with no obvious injury, you should see an eye doctor at the earliest. If your eye pain is accompanied by a sudden change in vision, then it is a medical emergency. Visit your nearest Disha Eye hospital. We are committed to providing the best eye treatment in Bengal at an affordable price. We have the best team of eye specialists on board who are on duty even in the face of a pandemic. In addition to that, you could also consult them online.

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