FAQs On Eye Injury

When Mr Chirag Mishra’s son fell from the ladder while cleaning the top of the kitchen cabinets, he suffered an eye injury. He complained of pain in one eye and Mr Mishra immediately took him to a hospital near his house. After an examination, Mr Mishra was told that his son suffered an injury to his optic nerve and was referred to neuro ophthalmology treatment . Mr Mishra acted fast and you too should. If you or anyone in your family suffers from an eye injury, treat it as a medical emergency. At that time getting immediate medical care needs to be your priority. From accidents in the kitchen and work injuries to getting poked in the eye- there are different causes of eye injuries.


Here we discuss 6 FAQs and their answers :


Q1 What happens when an eye injury isn’t treated on time? 


It’s important to know that not all eye injuries show symptoms. Some eye injuries cause detached retina, that can only be seen during a doctor’s examination. And some eye injuries can increase eye pressure or cause slow bleeding—problems that don’t show serious symptoms initially but get really serious overtime when not treated. When eye injuries aren’t treated on time they can lead to vision loss or blindness.


Q2 What to do after an eye injury? 


When an eye injury happens, visit an eye hospital and get your eyes examined even if the injury seems minor at first.


Q3 What are the serious symptoms of an eye injury? 


Symptoms to look out for after an eye injury include:

  • Persistent eye pain
  • Double vision
  • Vision loss
  • Trouble seeing clearly
  • Eye swelling
  • Blood in the clear part of the eye
  • Not able to open the eye
  • Sensitivity to light


Q4: What are some of the things not to do after an eye injury?


Here are some of the things you must NEVER do after an injury:


  1. Self treating the injury
  2. Forcibly trying to remove the foreign object from the eye
  3. Putting more pressure to the injured eye
  4. Rubbing or touching your eyes
  5. Applying eye creams or ointments before medical assessment


Q5: Does wearing contact lenses prevent eyes from injuries? 


No contact lenses don’t offer eye protection. If you are into sports or if your occupation involves working with hazardous materials, wear appropriate eye protection.


Q6: What’s traumatic optic neuropathy?


When your optic nerve is injured, the condition is called traumatic optic neuropathy. It’s caused by injury to the optic nerve due to a wide range of reasons – some of them include sports injuries, falls, being punched or stabbed in the eyes and car accidents.  At Disha Eye Hospitals, we have a dedicated neuro ophthalmology department where patients who suffer from optic nerve disorders can be examined by our team of expert neuro ophthalmologists. With the help of eye examinations such as visual acuity, colour vision, amsler grid test, pupil examination, confrontation visual fields, hess charting and fundus examination the right cause of the neuro-ophthalmological disorder can be determined and accordingly treatment plan will be charted out.