Relieve Computer Eye Strain with These Tips

Modern workplaces require you to sit with your eyes glued to the computer screen for long. This makes your eyes feel tired, irritated, and strained. Computer Vision Syndrome is an annoyance affecting most of us. Though it doesn’t cause major eye damages; however, staring at the computer screen for too long may give you blurred vision, neck, head, and shoulder pain, dry and burning eyes. This affects your overall well-being and productivity at work.

The good news is, computer eye strain can be easily relieved. Want to know the tricks? Read on:

1. Get your eyes tested

Eye problems, howsoever minor it may be, should NEVER be ignored. Having a routine and thorough eye examination is the best thing you can do to keep your eyes safe and healthy. At least once in a year, you should get your eyes tested by the best retina specialist in Kolkata. If your job requires you to stare constantly at the computer screen, then you must schedule an appointment with the eye specialist at least once a year or as per directed by the doctor. While examination, let the doctor know how often you use a computer and other electronic gadgets (such as tablets and smartphone) at work and home. Measure the distance of your screen from your eyes (both at home and work) and let the doctor know that measurement.

2. Find the Best Viewing Angle

The angle at which you view your computer screen is very important. If the viewing angle is not correct, you can get CVS. To get the best viewing angle the centre of the computer screen should be at a distance of 20-28 inches from your eyes and just 4-5 inches below your eye level. If you are writing something that requires you to shift your eyes between the screen and the reference material then keep those documents in a way where you can see them easily without moving your head too much.

3. Ensure Proper Lighting

Excessive bright or dim light can make your eyes work hard to see clearly. Be it harsh interior lights or sunlight coming through the window; it puts your eyes under lots of strain. While using a computer, keep the ambient lighting just half as bright as we find in typical workplaces. Eliminate the scope of outdoor light by closing the drapes. Use fewer bulbs or fluorescent tubes or low-intensity bulbs when working indoor. If possible, the keep your computer screen in a position so that the windows are to the side and not in front of it or behind it.

4. Check the Display of your screen

Still stuck to an old tube-style monitor or cathode ray tube (CRT)? If yes, then ditch that immediately and shift to a flat-panel LCD. These screens are easier on the eyes and come with an anti-reflective surface. CRT screens flicker and cause eye strain. Whenever buying a computer screen, choose a flat panel display that has a high resolution. Always buy a large display. If you are buying a desktop, get a screen that is at least 19 inches.

5. Adjust the display setting properly

Adjusting the display setting of your computer is essential for reducing computer eye strain. This helps in reducing eye strain. Adjust the brightness of the screen in a way that it matches the brightness of your surroundings. Adjust the text size and the contrast of the screen appropriately. Lower the colour temperature of your display. This reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. This increases the comfort level of your eyes and relieves strain.

6. Blink Often

While working on the computer screen, there are times when we forget to blink and keep gazing at the screen. This makes your eyes dry, thus, increasing eye strain and a burning sensation. Do not do this. Blink often. This keeps your eyes moist. The tears in your eyes dry quickly causing dry eye. Also, the air of the environment you are working in may be dry, which might aggravate the condition. If you are experiencing these symptoms, visit an eye specialist. The eye doctor might give your artificial tears to keep your eyes moist.

7. Try the 20-20-20 rule for relieving strain

Constantly focusing on the computer screen increases eye strain. Do not do that. Look away from the screen every 20 minutes. Look at something that is at least 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. This relaxes the focusing muscles in your eyes and helps relieve eye strain.

Another easy exercise for relieving eye strain is to look at a distant object for about 10-15 seconds and then look at something nearby. Then again look at some distant object. Repeat this for a few times to relax your eyes. Remember to blink while doing these exercises.

8. Take Breaks

Do not work at a stretch. Take frequent breaks. This helps relieve computer eye strain along with shoulder and back pain. While working for long hours in front of the computer, take short breaks of 5 minutes. During those breaks, stand up, move around, and stretch your arms, legs, neck, and shoulder. This helps reduce muscle tension and fatigue.

9. Get Customised computer glasses

This will provide relief to your eyes. Visit an eye specialist to get your glasses modified (if you wear one). Even if you do not wear glasses then get computer glasses for blocking the harsh blue light and minimising eye strain.

10. Get enough Nutrients

Getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients are essential for your eye health. Consider taking vitamins that are rich in antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, and E (with a B complex) can help keep your eyes safe and reduce eye strain.

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