How To Properly Clean Your Eyes?

Did you know the function of eyebrows, eyelashes, tears, and eyelids? They are all part of the safety system which protect our eyes from interacting with foreign objects. Whenever dust enters the eyes, they automatically produce tears to clean it up. However, there are times when you may accidentally squirt ketchup, or spray perfume inside your eyes, then you need to ensure that you have cleaned your eyes properly.

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Few instructions for proper eye clean-up: 

1. If something is stuck in your eyes, it’s likely that your eyes will tear up. Close your eyes and gently wipe the tears. Do not rub your eyes with tissue, just dab gently.

2. To see what is stuck in your eyes, just pull your lower eyelid down and slowly look around. Do not use any object like an ear bud to see what’s stuck. It is better to have a family member or a friend to check if anything has settled there.

3. Before cleaning your eyes, make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands with soap and warm water, then wipe using a clean towel.

4. Bend over the sink and keep the affected eye under the running water. Make sure the flow of the water is not too fast. Try to keep your eyes open for extended periods so that if any foreign object is stuck, it will flow out. If the pressure of the running water is too high, use a bathroom mug or a jar. Keep pouring water from it so that any debris that is stuck comes out. Make sure the water you are using is clean. You can also fill a pot with clean water and dip your face while continuously blinking.

What not to do?

When something gets stuck in your eyes, your first reaction is to rub your eyes and remove the object. You should completely avoid doing that as it will make matters worse by pushing around whatever is stuck. The foreign object may scratch the cornea leading to corneal abrasion. Though corneal abrasion is treatable, it can be quite painful.

When to see an eye doctor?

Even after rinsing your eyes several times, if you feel something is still stuck, it’s best to seek medical care. In case you experience symptoms such as pain, redness, or hazy vision, despite flushing out the foreign object, then you must go to an eye hospital immediately. If a chemical like bleaching liquid, surface cleaner or dish washing liquid has gotten into your eyes, then whether you are experiencing pain or not, you should see an eye doctor immediately. It is advisable that you take the container of the chemical to the eye doctor, so that they can find out exactly which kind of chemical it is.

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