Do Not Ignore These Dry Eye Symptoms – Consult An Eye Specialist In Kolkata

Dry eye may cause more damage than the already known experiences of redness, itchiness, and pain. Sometimes, it could result in permanent damage of the eyes.  Reasons like age, prolonged computer usage, and regular use of contact lenses could cause dry eyes. 

A few symptoms of dry eyes that you must not ignore:

1. Redness in the eyes 

As the blood vessels in the white part of your eyes swell, a reddish hue can be observed in the eye. In case you do not suffer from any type of eye allergy, or infection, the redness signals that your eyes are dry. When your eyes are deficient of tears, the cells on the eye surface become inflamed; the chemicals released thereof, cause inflammation and redness.

2. Gritty feeling in eyes 

When you sense a dry, scratchy feeling in your eyes, often described as the sensation of a foreign body stuck in the eyes. 

Do not Ignore These Dry Eye Symptoms

3. Sensitivity to Light

If the tears are lacking, there could be no lubrication or nourishment of the eyes, because of which, you may experience light sensitivity or photophobia. This might be a lingering issue or may occur only during a certain period. People who experience light sensitivity squint or shut their eyes when exposed to light. In some instances, photophobia is accompanied by extreme eye pain.

4. Sensitivity to irritants 

Irritants such as dry air, smoke, cleaning product fumes, and exposure to strong wind can cause dry eyes. Without a proper tear film, the nerve endings of the eyes are exposed to irritants. The dry eye symptoms might worsen in enclosed spaces such as air-conditioned office or home. 

5. Burning sensation in the eye 

Your eyes need proper lubrication to stay healthy. Blinking plays an important role in providing lubrication for the eyes. Meibum, an oily substance that prevents film and helps to keep your eyes lubricated, is released whenever you blink. Activities that demand a good deal of focusing, often makes one forget to blink enough, or if you do not close your eyes properly while blinking, you may experience a burning sensation in your eyes. 

6. Mucus in the eye 

The condition is common in people who are suffering from moderate to severe dry eye condition. This may occur in combination with dry eyes and an eye allergy or an eye infection. If you do not have enough watery layer on your eye surface, then your eye surface will experience friction when you blink, forcing the tear film to release excess mucus.

7. Excessive tearing

Patients with dry eyes syndrome often complain of excessive tearing. If you experience excessive tearing, that may be a symptom of evaporative dry eye syndrome.

8. Blurred vision 

Blurred vision is pretty common in people suffering from dry eyes. This is not a constant issue, but it occurs in intervals. Your vision may be clear in the morning. But when it gets dry during the day, you may experience foggy vision. In case you experience such symptoms, do not ignore. 

We would advise you to avoid self-medication and rush to the nearest eye hospital if you’re going through any of the aforementioned problems.

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