Living With Glaucoma: Do’s And Don’ts

Glaucoma is a common eye disorder that could damage the optic nerve and lead to blindness if left untreated. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, there are several things to do and several things to avoid in order to keep your eyes healthy. Besides following your prescription, we would suggest you abide by certain rules, to effectively manage glaucoma.

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1. Movement

Daily physical activity and regular exercise could help to keep the blood flowing into the nerves of your eyes and also lower the eye pressure. You should consult your eye doctor before starting a physical routine as certain exercises might increase pressure.

2. Eat healthy

Add healthy food items to your diet. Maintaining a healthy diet will prevent your glaucoma from getting worse and keep your eyes and body healthy. Add food items that are rich in high antioxidants to your diet to manage the condition.

3. Protect your eyes

When playing contact sports or working outside, put on protective eyeglasses. Wear goggles while swimming. Use non-allergic hypoallergenic cosmetics. Make sure to avoid cosmetics that have expired. Your eyes could be sensitive to glare when you have glaucoma. Make sure you use anti-glare glasses.

4. Drink fluids slowly

Do choose your beverages carefully. Do not drink fluids a lot at once. It may strain your eyes. Have less than a quarter at once and sip small amounts.


1. Smoke

You need to keep your health in check as nicotine can worsen your glaucoma. Smoking raises eye inflammation and blood pressure. This, in turn, may increase the chances of cataracts and diabetes.

 2. Follow a sedentary lifestyle

To increase the blood circulation in your eyes, you need to maintain a healthy exercise routine. Therefore, do not give in to a sedentary lifestyle that may worsen the pressure and fluid volume inside your eyes. Proper exercises could help to manage eye pressure and regulate the fluid volume in your eyes, preventing the progression of the disorder. Engaging in physical activities helps to prevent the development of the advanced stages of glaucoma, to an extent.

3. Rub your eyes

The medicine of glaucoma and its effects may make your eyes itchy but you need to fight the urge to rub your eyes. Avoid scratching and rubbing your eyes as it could make things worse.

4. Eat trans fatty acid rich foods

Eating foods that are high in trans fatty acids may cause damage to your optic nerve. Keep away from foods like cakes, cookies, French fries, donuts and other baked and fried items which may worsen your glaucoma. Look for foods rich in “partially hydrogenated oils” to identify foods rich in trans fatty acids when shopping for groceries.

Glaucoma cannot be fully cured, however, it can be managed effectively. You are required to embrace a healthy lifestyle to prevent the disease from getting worse. Disha Eye Hospitals, one of the best eye hospitals in Kolkata, is dedicated to providing quality eye care, with a team of best eye specialists on board, specialised in treating eye conditions such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and corneal diseases. Visit to know about Disha’s cataract surgery cost in Kolkata.

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