How to Get Appointment With the Best Eye Specialists in Kolkata?

Visiting an eye care specialist can be a bit intimidating; especially when it’s been a while since your last visit. However, it’s crucial to never miss the appointment. Whenever booking an appointment, always go for the best eye specialist in Kolkata.

Before you book an appointment, there are certain things that you may need to consider. It’s always best to go prepared. Here is how you can prepare yourself before you book your appointment:

Check these following points before your visit:

  •    Have you ever noticed any eye issues such as poor or blurry vision, double vision or any other vision-related issue? If yes, note that.
  •    Are you having any problem judging the distance or distinguish between colours?
  •    Is the vision issue creating any problem in performing certain activities?
  •    Ask yourself are you ready to listen to the doctor and follow the instruction whatever it may be? It’s very important to determine this. Some restrictions can be tough (depending on your situation) and need to be followed if you want to cure your eye condition completely (if any).
  •    Do you have any other health issue that might affect your vision? Have you had any operation or surgery? If yes, then you need to tell your eye specialist about this.
  •    Do you have any family history of eye issues such as cataract or glaucoma?

When visiting the eye specialist, take the following things with you:

  •    Your contact lenses, glasses, and sunglasses (if you wear any)
  •    The list of medications (current ones) that you are taking. This includes both prescription medicine and other supplements. Your doctor needs to see it and determine if the medications can affect your vision or not.
  •    In case your appointment involves any tests where the doctor might dilate your pupils for thorough inspection of your eyes, then do not forget to bring someone along with you. It’s because once you pupils are dilated it takes a while for them to get back to their original shape. And in between this time, you may not see clearly or properly.
  •    Note down any question that you have in your mind and that you want to ask your eye doctor.

Do not forget to ask a few things to your doctor:

  •    Ask your doctor whether your eyes have changed since your last visit or not.
  •    Ask him or her whether there are many ways to improve your vision or not? For instance, if you have a cataract, ask the doctor about Phaco eye surgery. Also, do not forget to inquire about Phaco eye surgery cost in Kolkata.
  •    Ask him/her whether you need to undergo any laser vision correction surgery or not. Also, inquire about the advantages of wearing glasses and contact lenses.

Above all, learn what you can do to keep your vision working. For booking an appointment with an eye specialist, you have to get in touch with the hospital or the clinic where they work.

Want to book an appointment with an eye specialist in South Kolkata?

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