How to Get Appointment With the Best Eye Doctor in Kolkata?

You might feel that your eyes are fine but only a doctor can tell whether they are fine or not. There are a number of eye conditions that do not show any apparent symptoms unless they get too serious. And that’s why missing your eye doctor’s appointment is something that you shouldn’t do. If it’s been a few years since your last appointment with the doctor, it’s high time that you schedule your next appointment with the best eye doctor in Kolkata.

Before we explain the ways to book an appointment with the doctor, here are a few things that you should carry with you during the visit:

 Things to carry for your eye specialist’s appointment

  •  Bring your eyeglasses or contact lenses with you (in case you wear any). Before you visit your doctor, ask him or her whether you should stop wearing them for a few days before the visit.
  •  Carry a list of health conditions that you have. Also, mention about allergies (if any) that you have along with the medications that you are taking.
  •  Note down the specific questions that you might have in your mind relating to your eye condition (if any) or your overall eye health. If you do not note it down, you might forget or miss any point.

What usually happens during the visit?

Although the eye examination and the processes may vary; however, there are a few basic things that happen when you visit an eye specialist:

  1. Your Medical History: The doctor will check your medical history and whether you are suffering from any specific ailment or not. He or she will also check if you have any family history of eye issues.
  2. Eye Test: The doctor will conduct a thorough eye test. It might vary depending on your eye condition (if any). Otherwise, he or she might check your close and distance vision. You might be asked to read random letters of different sizes from a chart. The doctor might also check other aspects of your vision such as your peripheral or side vision and your colour perception.
  3. Tonometry: This is a test that’s done for detecting Glaucoma. The doctor will put numbing eye drops and then measure your eye pressure using a device called Tonometer.

Apart from these tests, the doctor will also check all the other parts of your eye. He or she will give drops for widening the pupils. This helps the doctor get a clear view of the inside parts of your eyes. The drops, however, will make your eyes light-sensitive for a few hours and you might need to wear sunglasses until it’s gone completely. The doctor will also check how well your eye muscles are working together.

Book an Appointment with the Best Eye Doctor in Kolkata

Disha Eye Hospital specialises in each and every eye related issues. Booking an appointment with the specialist is very easy. All you need to do is SMS your “NAME” to 9433311111 or call at 033-66360000. Otherwise, you may visit for booking an appointment.

Consult the best Paediatric Eye Specialist in Kolkata

Take equal care of your child’s eyes. Children can also suffer from serious eye issues. So, do not miss an appointment with the eye specialist. If you are looking for a good paediatric eye specialist in Kolkata then book an appointment with the experts at Disha Eye Hospital today. The hospital offers excellent eye care services and that’s why is preferred by people all over the city. For more details, visit

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