First Aid for Eye Scratches

Accidents happen in seconds and eye injuries are no exception. Household chores such as cooking and gardening or sports or playing with a pet can result in eye injuries. Eye scratches are the most common of eye injuries. Eye scratch is also known as corneal abrasion. The cornea is the clear, dome-shaped layer that covers the eye’s iris and pupil. It focuses light in the eye.  

Here are some of the common causes of eye scratches: 

  • Fingernail scratch
  • Exposure to foreign objects such as dirt, metal particles and wooden particles 
  • Rubbing of the eye excessively
  • Long hours of exposure to ultraviolet light
  • Using inappropriate contact lenses
  • Eye injuries from makeup brushes.
  • Cuts
  • Chemical exposure

What does it feel like to have eye scratches? 

Some common symptoms of eye scratches are: 

  • Eye pain
  • A feeling that something is stuck in your eye
  • Watery eyes 

What to do in case of eye scratches? 

If you have been into an accident and scratched your eyes, here are a few first aid tips that you can follow before visiting the eye doctor: 

    • Rinse your eyes with saline or clean water: This is one of the first things that should be done when your eye starts feeling uncomfortable. You can use an eyecup for this. You can also use a small, clean glass by resting the rim of the glass on the bone at the base of your eye socket and pouring the water slowly. This helps flush the foreign object from your eye.
    • Blink repetitively: When some particle gets in your eyes, you can get rid of it by blinking repetitively.
    • Try pulling your eyelids together: On doing this, the lashes from your upper or lower eyelid will help remove any solid particles or tiny objects stuck underneath the other eyelid.
    • Wear sunglasses: When you get your eye scratched, the eye sometimes becomes sensitive to light and causes light sensitivity and discomfort. Wearing sunglasses will reduce light sensitivity.
    • Avoid rubbing your eyes: When something goes in your eye, you may be tempted to rub it. However, sometimes aggressive rubbing of eyes can cause the scratch or make it worse and should be therefore avoided.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses: When a corneal abrasion occurs, it is advised not to wear your contact lenses. Contact lenses can slow down the healing process and can cause complications.

Treatment for eye scratches 

Minor eye scratches heal on their own in a few days. But it’s good to see an eye doctor for an eye exam. Doctors may prescribe eye drops or ointment that may make the healing process fast. They might also prescribe steroid eye drops that will help in reducing any inflammation and avoid scarring. 

After first aid, see an eye doctor immediately: Looking for the best eye doctor in Kolkata?

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