How to Find a Retina Specialist in Kolkata

You have diabetes and you are suspecting that you might have diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration. The first thing that you do when you suspect that something is wrong with your vision is to visit an eye specialist. However, when it’s the matter of your retina, you cannot take any chances. You will find a number of retina specialists in Kolkata but how do you choose the best one? You may get in touch with the eye specialists at Disha Eye Hospital. They certainly have the most sophisticated machinery and the best team of eye experts in Kolkata. Otherwise, you consider these points before getting in touch with the right retina specialist:

1. Ask for Referrals

Your regular doctor is the best person to suggest a good retina specialist (in case you need it). Eye doctors work closely and are often aware of the best specialist in that area or the region. We are not saying that you have to visit the retina specialist suggested by your Ophthalmologist but we recommend that you consider his or her suggestion. Your doctor cares about your well being and they would always recommend you the best one.

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2. Ask your Friends and Family

Do you know someone in your family and friends circle who have suffered from retina issues or have undergone treatment for macular degeneration and other retina related problems? If yes, then you may ask about their experience with that particular retina specialist. You may consider their references.

3. Check Online

You should be able to find some information about the potential retina specialist (if any) online. You may find their website where at least the basic information about them is available there. You may get information about their training, experience, and practice. You may even find some online review; however, when considering online reviews, proceed with caution.

4. Schedule Appointments

Once you have prepared your list and gathered all information, schedule appointments with the doctors. When you go for a consultation, consider how the staffs, and not just the doctor, are behaving with you. Talk to the patients waiting there and ask about their experience and satisfaction levels.

Retina issues can be frightening and the retina specialist you choose can make all the difference in the quality of your vision. We hope that these tips will help you find the right retina specialist.

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