The Contact Lens Check-Up: Insights Curated By A Leading Eye Hospital in Kolkata

A number of people prefer contact lenses to spectacles for many reasons – clearer vision, high physical activity, comfort, and presentation and style. However, wearing contact lenses comes with certain crucial steps towards eye care. Regular check-ups are important to check that your contact lenses are not damaging your eyes and giving you the sharpest vision. Your eye doctor will tell you about the frequency of contact lens check-ups that depend on factors such as the type of lenses you wear and how long you wear them for.

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What to expect in a contact lens check-up


Things you need to bring to the appointment:


  • Your contact lenses
  • If you also wear glasses, bring them with you
  • Your current eye prescription
  • Eye drops you are currently using


During the eye check-up, the optometrist will check your vision with and without the lenses, ask about your comfort level with the lenses, the duration for which you wear your lenses everyday. The front of your eyes will be checked with a slit lamp microscope. The optometrist will also conduct a dye test to check whether the lenses are causing any damage to your eyes.


Signs of infection from wearing contact lenses


If you don’t take care of your contact lenses properly, you’re more likely to get eye infections. If you notice these signs while wearing your contact lenses, get in touch with your eye doctor immediately:

  • Swollen eyes
  • Redness
  • Pain in the eye
  • Extra tears
  • Eye discharge
  • Blurry vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Itchy eyes
  • Feeling of a foreign object being stuck in the eyes


Don’t ignore these symptoms as they can escalate into something serious. Visit your eye doctor or the nearest eye hospital to save your eyesight. When you visit the eye hospital or an eye doctor, take the lenses with you. Place them in the case, and bring them to the hospital or eye clinic for getting them tested. They may give your eye doctor a clue about what is causing the infection.


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Precautions while using contact lenses


  • Always use fresh cleaning solution
  • Before touching your contact lenses, always wash them and dry your hands with a lint-free towel
  • Keep your lens case clean
  • Never wear your lenses beyond the amount of time recommended by the eye doctor
  • Never wear your contacts while swimming
  • Never go to sleep while wearing your contact lenses
  • If you wear mascara or eyeliner, put your contact lenses before applying them. Never put your contact lenses after wearing makeup
  • Never wear your contact lenses in the shower or hot tub
  • Don’t touch the lenses with your fingernails
  • Read the directions properly before cleaning the lenses


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