How to Choose the Best Eye Hospital in Kolkata?

Out of the five senses that you have, vision is the most crucial. It’s also the most used sense because whatever you do, you have to rely on your vision. And that’s the reason you should be extremely careful about preserving your vision and ensure that you are getting the most advanced treatment for an eye issue.

You will find a number of eye hospitals in the City of Joy. But before trusting any hospital, ensure that it’s the best. If you are wondering how to select the best eye hospital in Kolkata, here is a quick guide.

1. Get Referrals

Probably this is the first thing that everyone does. And this is the best way to starts your search. You can ask your friends, family members, and colleagues for their recommendations. A person who has experienced the services of the eye hospital is the best one to brief you about its facilities. However, keep in mind that other than providing overall eye care facilities, most of the eye care facilities specialise in something. If you have issues related to cornea or retina or any other particular eye issue, narrow down your list accordingly.

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2. Check the Quality of Services

Check whether the hospital has the required accreditations or not. Does it specialise in dealing with your condition? Or does it have enough specialists who are experienced with your eye issue? See what the success rate of the hospital is and what they do to improve their quality of care. Do they offer the latest and advanced technology for treating their patients? Check all these factors before choosing a hospital.

3. Do your research

Check the website of the hospital. See if it has a special unit for dealing with your type of eye issue. In case you are planning to undergo an eye surgery, see whether they have special operating rooms that are used for your type of surgery or not. Does the hospital have any guideline for everyone who is about to undergo your type of surgery in that hospital? Having a guideline shows the consistency of excellence. What is the number of nurses in that hospital? And how many departments or units they need to handle? There are a lot of organisations that collect data on hospitals. Do some additional research and learn more about the quality and service of that hospital.

4. Patient Satisfaction Survey

Reading what others have to say about the doctors of any particular hospital can also provide an insight into how they are. Go through as much patient satisfaction survey as you can. These surveys as people (read patients) about their experience with scheduling an appointment, the environment of the hospital, wait time, and the friendliness or helpfulness of the staff working there. By going through these surveys you can understand how well the patients trust the doctor, the hospital, and its services.

Check the Eye Lens Price for Cataract before Treatment

It’s because this will help you get an idea about the overall cost of the procedure and also, you can determine which type of lens will be feasible for you. If you have cataract then you can consult the experts at the Disha Eye Hospital. The hospital specialises in treating all eye related issues with the latest and state-of-art technology.

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