7 Eye Care Tips for Your Kid

Kids are reckless when it comes to taking care of the eyes. You, as a concerned parent, must take the necessary steps to protect your kid’s eye health.

Here’s a small initiative from us to help you get going:

1. Healthy diet
Taking proper care of your kid’s eye starts with insist him/her to follow a healthy diet. Kids often abstain from eating healthy food items such as fresh vegetables. However, this should not be the case in your family if you are concerned about promoting good eye health.

Include healthy food items such as green vegetables, fresh eggs, lean fish and meat, and colourful fruits into your kid’s diet. Insist him/her to follow the diet. You can, later on, reward your kid with a tasty treat (probably a chocolate bar).

2. Staying hydrated
Proper hydration is another important factor that contributes to a good eye health. Insist your child to drink at least 3 to 4 full glasses of water every day. If your kid abstains from drinking water (which normally most kids do) add water flavour enhancer. Doing this can encourage your little one to drink more water than he/she normally does.

Make sure you insist your kid to take a water bottle along with him/her to school.

3. Proper use of eyeglasses and contact lens
Kids are usually reckless with their eyeglass or contact lens. You, as a concerned parent, should make sure that your kid isn’t. If your kid wears an eyeglass, make sure he/she wears it all the time and removes it while playing as it can cause injuries.

Also, make sure that you change your kid’s prescription eyeglass as per the doctor’s recommendation.

4. Limiting computer and smartphone time
Kids tend to be obsessive about computers and other electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, etc. Most kids spend time on computers and smartphones playing games. They end up hours playing games and straining their eyes. This can have damaging effects on the eyes as it can lead to irritation and even dry eyes over time.

Limiting computer and smartphone time is a crucial step to taking care of your kid’s eyes. Instead, encourage your kid to spend time outdoors on recreational games.

5. Wearing eye protection when necessary
Kids aren’t careful when it comes to protecting their eyes. And as they are curious, energetic, and playful, they stand at a high risk of eye injuries more than any other age group.

Kids are most vulnerable to eye injuries when they are playing outdoors. Moreover, serious eye injuries can impair vision. Therefore, it’s a must to teach your kid about the importance of wearing eye protection.

6. Avoiding eye rubbing
You must teach your kid to avoid eye rubbing as it can cause the germs from the hands to spread to the eyes and increase the risk of infection.
In instances when a foreign particle gets stuck in your kid’s eyes, instruct him/her not to touch or rub the eyes. Instead, wash the eyes with cold water. You may apply a warm compress for relieving pain.

7. Get rid of unsafe toys
Kids, especially toddlers, are at the increased risk of eye injuries from unsafe toys. Toys that are jagged and the ones that have sharp edges pose injury hazards.

Make sure that you get rid of such toys. Remember to read the recommended age group in toys’ packets when buying new ones for your kid.

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