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What Is Uveitis

Uveitis is an inflammatory reaction inside the eye.


1: Inflammatory - due to some immune reaction taking place in the eye or body

2: Infective – due to some microbe in the body or in the eye Usually uveitis happens as a result of some disease in the body.

Uveitis is an inflammatory reaction inside the eye.

Anterior uveitis usually has a good prognosis. There is always a risk of repeated attacks in the future.

Posterior uveitis involving central retina can cause permanent visual loss.

Glaucoma due to uveitis is difficult to treat and may cause permanent visual loss.

Cataract surgery in uveitis can have good results if adequate precautions are taken.

Uveitis can lead to secondary glaucoma, cataract formation, and retinaledema. These need to be treated with additional medications and surgery is required in few cases.

Inflammatory type is treated with steroid eye drops and pupil dilating drops.

In infective situations oral medications are required.

In severe cases steroid injection inside the eye may be required.

If there is a serious systemic disease, medications need to be continued for long periods.

In certain cases, simultaneous treatment with rheumatologist or internal medicine specialist is required.

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