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Help Sight

In the last 15 years, Disha Eye Hospitals has unfortunately seen numerous patients who could not afford even the basic necessities of life let alone essential sight- saving but expensive healthcare for their eyes. This section of our community may not enjoy affluence but they too suffer from eye diseases and the mental agony of suffering like everyone else. These patients have made us put our thinking caps on. We had to find a way to help these patients!

“Help Sight” is our attempt to achieve this. The “Help Sight” programme helps those financially needy persons to acquire vital surgical procedures (costing above Rs. 20,000) to regain their precious eye sight where the patient pays only 1/3rd of the total cost, Disha Eye Hospitals forgoes 1/3rd of the cost and the remaining 1/3rd of the cost is paid from the Help Sight Corpus Fund.

Health, as you know, is a conscious effort towards healthier practices and cannot be learnt by charity. “Help Sight” is a program to empower the “dis- empowered‟ towards a healthier future.

The question may arise- why are these needy patients being made to pay 1/3rd of the cost?

Disha Eye Hospitals believes that Health cannot just be given to any person- they have to earn it. This is why these patients pay 1/3rd of the cost as a symbol of this awareness. When health is earned in this way, it helps to build the patient’s self- confidence. This is our belief based on many years of experience.

The spearhead behind this novel “Help Sight” project is no other than our very own Founder Chairman, Dr. Debasish Bhattacharya’s Uncle, the Late Byomkesh Bhattacharjee, who lived amongst his students as a towering school teacher. He unconditionally donated his entire life time corpus and retirement fund of 5 lakh rupees to Disha Eye Hospital to facilitate this cause- “Help Sight”. This helped to raise awareness for the treatment of the financially challenged. We are only following the path shown to us by this visionary.

To assist us in this noble and dedicated cause, we hope that we will find many more extra-ordinary people who want to see the world in a different way and who also want others to be able to see it too!

Thank you.
All the Staff of DISHA Eye Hospitals.