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  • Am I a candidate for LASIK?


  • You must be 18 years of age or older with stable glass power for the last one year


  • A healthy cornea


  • If you have:


Myopia upto

-10 D

Hypermetropia upto

+6 D

Astigmatism upto

± 6 D


  • Will I be awake during the procedure?


Yes. You will be awake and alert during LASIK procedure. It’s a 60 seconds bloodless intervention.



  • Is the LASIK procedure painful?


Local anesthetic drops are applied. No pain is felt.


  • How long does it take?


15 minutes altogether


  • Will I need Glasses for reading?


In most cases people over 40 need glasses for near vision.


  • Can I go blind from the Laser?


The answer is “No”


No one has ever been blinded by the Laser


No energy from the laser penetrates below the surface of the eye.


  • What are the risks or side effects?


The chances of serious complications with laser eye surgery is very low less than 1 percent.

Myopics in general have a 2% possibility of retinal detachment. LASIK neither enhances nor reduces the risk.


  • Will it eliminate the age related problems like cataract, Glaucoma etc.



  • Should both eyes be corrected at one time?


It is obvious and more convenient to correct both eyes at a time.


  • How do I know if LASIK is right for me?


We at DISHA will be pleased to provide more details or answer any other questions you may have.