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Optical keratoplasty – done to restore vision in eyes with corneal blindness. This can be full thickness
where the entire cornea is replaced or lamellar where only the selected layer is replaced.

Therapeutic keratoplasty – this is done in cases or infection to prevent spread. The aim of the
surgery is to save the eye from the infection.

Corneal grafting or keratoplasty is a surgical procedure where the diseased cornea of the patient is replaced by donor cornea.

6-8 hours maximum. While waiting for the eye bank personnel to arrive few tips can be followed to keep the eyes of the donor healthy – Close the lids, switch off fan, keep ice block under the head if possible.

No.Only the front part of the eye is taken from the donor.There no disfigurement of the eyes after eye donation.

Eye donation can be done by any one, of any age, any religion, caste. People with diabetes,hypertension, and cardiac disease can donate eyes.

Use protective glasses and avoid any kind of trauma to the eyes. Eye drops need to be continued lifelong. In case of redness, eye pain or diminished vision report to any cornea specialist immediately. Regular follow-up must be done as per the doctor’s advice.

Eye donation is the act giving eyes after death so that it may be used to restore sight or treat corneal disease or some patient. It is a voluntary act of charity. Eye donation is done only after death and only if the family members give consent. Prior pledging is not necessary for eye donation.

Eye bank is an organisation which functions in collection of eyes from posthumous donors, processes the tissues, evaluates the eyes and distributes it for surgical purpose. It is a non-profit organisation.